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MFP Suggestions/Feedback —
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  • 02/24/12--10:19: Clear food history
  • Please please please let us clear our food history! I don't want to delete an account and start over but so many foods I don't use any more, or eat a different kind of something I used to use frequently

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  • 08/09/16--16:02: Deleting a food entry
  • How do I delete a breakfast entry I made today? I found a better entry to post, but now I can't delete my original entry, even if I put 0 for servings.

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  • 08/10/16--03:24: My Fitness Pal Api
  • Hi there,

    I am part of the development team for Kaido! We put in an application through the developer portal about 4 months ago and heard nothing back?

    To give a brief overview of our company:

    Kaido is a digital health and wellbeing company that is part of the Digital Health incubator inside Innovation Birmingham’s; iCentrum, supported by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network(in the UK). Kaido's mission is to empower a consumer driven approach to health and wellbeing, through access to personalised high quality educational information.

    We are founded by a team of physiologists, nutritionists and psychologists. Working with an array of partners in the tech space we are now linked in with Microsoft’s accelerator programme developing bespoke, automated coaching solutions in order to help people achieve their health goals.

    We are currently pulling in pre historic physical data from wearable devices and would like to gain access to nutrition data through MyFitnessPal. As part of our on boarding process of users we will be recommending people to go to MyFitnessPal, so this is beneficial for both parties

    It would be great to discuss this with you- Kaido is currently in a very exciting development stage and we would love to open a relationship.

    I look forward to hearing back from you

    Many thanks


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  • 08/10/16--05:08: Update
  • I updated and hate the new format. How do I go back to the old one.

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    it would be great for diabetics like myself to diarize blood glucose test numbers where the food diary meals are shown.

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    I would like to be able to assign a barcode to items I make so I can quickly add them to my diary.
    I have a free barcode font and can make any barcode I wish. I would love to quickly scan items to add them in. This would be great for my vacuum sealer pre portioned bags as well.

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  • 08/10/16--09:11: Searchable Recipes
  • It'd be super nice to be able to search your personal recipes rather than having to scroll through reading one by one to find a recipe you need to edit/add to the diary, etc. After you get a few added in it can be kind of cumbersome to find one you want. :)

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    I love to be in competition with others, and I would like to see Activity Challenges with leaderboards. I am motivated to exercise more when I am trying to stay with other exercisers or catch up with those in front of me.

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  • 08/10/16--08:26: MFP app
  • I used this add-on on my desktop, and everything seems to be fine. But it won't sync to my app, or even save to myou account via the website. It's there when I first get on, but doesn't "stay".
    Am I doing something wrong?

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  • 08/02/16--12:41: meal planner
  • I use to use a program where you could plan your day in advance then as you ate the food you just checked the box off and it entered into the daily log. It made it really easy to make a meal plan and track your calories.
    The company that provided this program went out of business (I assume because of the free apps now available), but if they were still around I would still use it because of this feature.

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  • 08/10/16--17:03: Mfp app tidbits
  • I love that MFP gives some instant feed back with some of the foods that are entered "this food is packed with protein." Is there a way to go back and see those tidbits? Sometimes it sends them when I'm getting ready to scan another food item and I miss what it said and don't know how to go back to it. Thx

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  • 08/05/16--19:46: Unsubscribe
  • I am attempting to unsubscribe from future emails, but the link is broken. Please help

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  • 08/10/16--16:55: This Sucks!!!
  • I have been on myfitnesspal for more than 5 years. Accumulated over 700 days of continuous
    log in's. I had foods listed for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I just logged in and all my information has
    been deleted. I have to start over from scratch.
    I am logged in on the phone to my old settings but not on the computer.
    This is upsetting and disappointing.

    Len Eisenberg
    Somerdale, NJ

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  • 08/10/16--18:40: why not ifit
  • It's a great device and for a decent price. For those of us who can't get the fitbits and bodybugs, can you integrate us into myfitnesspal?

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    Not sure what changed but when I search for a food, if I haven't recently logged it in that specific meal it won't show up under "recent foods"--even if I've recently logged it under a different meal. For example, I had a food for dinner & wanted to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. That food won't show up under recent foods; I have to search & add all over again. But if I wanted to log it under dinner, it would be there. Frankly this is pretty dumb and it used to not be an issue.

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  • 08/11/16--07:14: Adding a new app
  • Hello,
    I think you should add Lumowell Fitness Apps to your list. It gives the expected exercises as well as how you can modify them to fit you.
    It has exercises for everything in a small amount of time.

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  • 08/11/16--07:55: Fitbit still not synching
  • I have done everything that was suggested in the troubleshooting forums. I have unlinked and relinked my accounts at least 10 times. I went as far as to delete my account and start all over and it's still not working. Is there anything else that can be done? This is super frustrating.

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  • 07/27/16--09:48: Ads auto playing in app
  • Is anyone else having an issue with ads auto playing in the iOS app? My video auto play setting is turned off but ads are still playing in my newsfeed. Toggled the setting off and on and rebooted the app, no luck. This started after the most recent update yesterday.

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  • 08/07/16--07:40: Graph feature
  • For the graph feature. I'd recommend removing the point from baseline (0) and just have the line start at the first measurement.

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  • 08/09/16--15:53: Time stamp food diary
  • It would be helpful if we could add time stamps to the times we eat. I track my fasting and when I eat proteins/fats versus carbs. Seeing it on the diary would be helpful.

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  • 08/10/16--23:24: Video ads in mobile
  • That's seriously not Ok.

    Stop it.


    Ps, the offending ad network is Sharethrough.

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  • 08/10/16--22:41: Smoking
  • Hello. My name is Steven. I think one awesome thing to do for this app would be to have people put their input of how many cigarettes a day they smoke. Because I understand it can cause many difficulties in working out but I know you guys would be able to show the effects of quitting and working out. I think it would be a beat idea. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

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    The foods that I find under the recent tab are ones that I haven't used in MONTHS, while the foods I ate the day before are no where to be found. Please fix the algorithm that generates this list, it's severely lacking. Many thanks!

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    Is there anyway you could add an option when setting up your profile that reflects you are someone who has had weight loss surgery? The warning message that comes when I submit my daily intake has made me stop doing it. The majority of the people I am friends with here are also patients and I constantly suggest using MFP to those about to take that step. Yes, we modified our digestive systems to reset our metabolic rate but we work incredibly hard to lose the weight. It would be more encouraging if this demographic could have some more support.

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    I don't always keep up with all my tracking daily, and often will have leftovers the next day. Would be nice to copy lunch from 'today' back to yesterday or a previous day that I missed, rather than recreating, functionality only allows to copy forward. Would anyone else benefit from this, or are all of you such good trackers that it wouldn't apply? :)

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  • 08/10/16--14:38: Track water in ml or litres?
  • I see you can track by cups! Are there plans to add the ability to track water by millilitres or litres?

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    I've noticed that over the past couple of weeks, any "quick add" calories that I include in my diary have been added to the Recent foods list, where this never used to happen.

    Please can this 'feature' be removed? There is absolutely no point in having those entries saved in the list, and they are pushing out useful entries that I'd prefer to keep!

    Thanks. :)

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    Getting login failed when entering correct username and password. App marketplace feedback suggested to raise a support ticket and you can sort it.

    Thank you

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  • 07/28/16--20:25: Food database
  • Of all the things I would expect to find 100% accurate would be items from published restaurant nutrition info. I don't eat out or get carry out often however it bothers me that there can be for example several dozen entries for wendy's baconator yet not one of those entries has the nutrition info correct. Every entry is off by plus or minus 10% or more on every single piece of nutrition facts. The closest to correct nutrition facts based on wendy's own website the food database has here is one or two of the over a dozen pieces of nutrition data for this item. Even the one marked with a green check mark is a far cry from accurate. I would think that even ones that claim the info is from the website would at least be correct. However even those are off by at least this 10% margin. How on earth can so many have entered nutritional info for this item especially the ones that say from website and not one entry be correct?

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    It would be incredibly helpful to have a search feature that would allow you to search for food by the remaining macros/cals you have left for the day. This week, I've been having issues getting all the grams I need and end up with a deficit because I'm not sure what would fill it. Everything I think of to try and fill it, is usually too much. I think it would be awesome to be able to enter your remaining numbers for the day and have the database pull up a list of foods that fits, or very closely fits, those numbers.